Pool Parties

We know how to throw a great party! Parties are limited to current swimmers and Auction winners! See Pool Parties for more details.

Community Auctions

Angelfish Swimming donates to more than 10 auctions a year. Each program gets a $250 item that includes (some or all) a pool party, tote bag, beach ball, goggles, towel and some angelfish toys.  Supporting our community is very important to Angelfish Swimming.

Fourth of July

Angelfish swimming loves to participate in the local Kirkland parade on the 4th of July. Watch for us each year, you may get a piece of candy or a special treat!

Peter Kirk Elementary Carnival

Each year Pete Kirk does a community carnival and Angelfish Swimming adds to the fun by donating a fishing both for the kids to fish for a toy. Watch for it each year on the first Saturday in June and come join the fun.

Hopelink Food drives

Angelfish sponsors food drives all year long with an extra push in the winter months and again for the summer. Watch for our signs and barrels and bring your food for those in need.